Pansy Charm for New Thoughts & Energy

Sometimes when you look around, the magick will find you. This is how this simple & effective charm came about. An inspiration of energy came to me to create a soft, unique spell / charm, that influenced, free thought, happiness, energy movement & compassion, something whimsical, light & joyous, to open the door & welcome a new energy in, during the turning of the season from Spring into Summer. It started with a small green spell candle & the first flower i saw when I looked out my window... & wouldn't you know, the Pansy Flower happens to be a symbol of  'free thinking,' nothing is ever a coincidence.
To begin this Spell or Charm, You will Need:
* A small chime, spell or taper candle of either White (Purity), Pink (Love), or Light Green ( Heart /Compassion)
I always encourage to use what you have available, and anoint it with your intentions.
* Next petals of a Pansy Flower, whatever color calls to you and is available. Only take what you need. 1 large flower is all I needed to wrap a small chime candle.
* Petals of a larger secondary flower that calls to you. I used a Peach Color Rose, for youthful energy, playfulness & Joy.
* A mirrored base or mirror that can lay flat on a surface.
( mirrors are a source for reflection- cast your magick & it can reflect it out towards the Universe )
* A secondary candle or lighter.
* A small cauldron, dish or bowl.
* Crystals of Clear Quartz to amplify the vibe.
Clear Off a small space outside, during high noon on a sunny day ( for the energy of optimal light, energy & alertness )
Surround the space with beauty from local plants and flowers.
Give a smoke bath to your space & blessing before you begin,
Set up your cauldron & crystals & light your secondary candle.
Hold Loving, playful thoughts & memories in your mind, creating a peaceful & beautiful energy, as you carefully hold your main spell candle over an open flame, giving it enough melt to adhere a Pansy flower petal. Continue this process, until you've wrapped most of the candle in fresh petals. When you're done, you will find that you've spent several minutes focusing on breathing, while you continuously hold past & future thoughts of fun, which is part of the magic all on it's own. ;)
Next, add some hot wax ( like a wax seal) to the bottom of your cauldron or dish and firmly push the base of your Pansy covered candle into the wax, until it's standing tall & secured.
Then begin to place the petals of your secondary flower choice around the base of your candle dish back into a flower pattern, while holding intention.
Lastly, take a few moments to take a couple deep breathes with your hands over your heart & forehead, uniting the flow of energy between heart & mind.
Then Light your Pansy Candle & say:
" In Loving thoughts, I find my way."
Let the candle burn down completely, while it's lit, be with it, meditate, use a singing bowl, paint, read a book, do some yoga, watch the birds, etc. Enjoy the moment & embrace a new flow of energy, imagination & thoughts.
xo ~ Jenna