Money Attraction Spell

The tip with Money spells is to remember you are not suppose to chase money, but rather to ATTRACT it, by stepping into alignment with the energy of abundance & gratitude. Your constant background thoughts & feeling of Money is what the Universe is hearing & presenting to you in your reality. If in the back of your mind you are constantly worried that you will not have enough for a said bill, then that is what will be presented to you. If you step into the mindset that you have more than enough, and continuously hold gratitude for the things you can afford NOW, you begin to shift your perspective on money. You can also 'quantum jump' into an abundance of money flow, by frequently tapping into the feeling of what it would be like to have X amount of dollars now. How would you spend it? What would your lifestyle look like? How would you manage it? Literally imagine your life with your bank account being what you are calling in & hold that energy as often as possible. So before you begin this spell, make sure you are not acting in a state of desperation, nothing good ever comes out of desperation. Instead Work with it on a day where your mindset & energy around money is high. Maybe on a payday or after acquiring some misc. extra funds. Remember, you are Attracting it to you by invite of energy, not begging it to come to you & always follow the invite & arrival with sincere gratitude. 
You Will Need:
A Cauldron or Fire safe Bowl
Self Lighting Charcoal
A Stone of Citrine ( For Abundance)
Frankincense Resin
Peppermint ( For Money) / Red Cedar ( For cleanse & creation ) / Cinnamon ( For abundance ) Herbal Incense Blend
( Or my "Riches" Powder Incense )
* If you don't have Red Cedar, you can substitute for an herb that offers similar properties.
With the Citrine stone nearby or in your hand, Sit in meditation briefly to charge it with your own energy of attraction, abundance & gratitude, Then begin to work your magick.
Tap the Cauldron 3 tips with your finger while saying "thank you" each time & visualizing a stack of cash.
Then light your charcoal, while it heats & becomes ready for use, simply "daydream" of your bank account growing & money coming to you from many areas in your life. Once the charcoal is ready, place your resin & herbs onto it. Continue to monitor it, sitting with the energy & adding more to keep it going.
As the smoke carries your energy and wishes out to the Universe, you can trust you will be attracting new income before the end of the month.
It's simple yes, because it's all about energy & intention.
There is no need to complicate this spell, because many need to learn how to UNcomplicate the attraction of money.  If you want to add a boost to the power, work this spell outside on a sunny day, during the early days of Spring when new beginnings are coming into full bloom.
Blessings of financial prosperity,
~ Jenna