Farewell to Summer Ritual

Farewell to Summer Ritual Description:
Go by a body of water on a sunny day or large bowl of water-  at dusk
Fill a jar with sun filled herbs that remind you of summer.
Place in your candle. 
Take time to gaze upon the water, remembering each special summer memory & writing it on the jar with your sharpie marker.
Take your sun charged grounding crystals, and hold each one to your heart thinking of a memory.
One by One place each stone around your candle on the bed of herbs.
Light some White Sage& toss in jar to keep the memories safe.
Light your candle. Sit with it & reflect on the Summer. 
Gift to yourself or friend. 
Candle Prayer: " This candle of White I now light.
The memories I now know from this Summer's show. I give thanks."
Spell Jar Prayer:  " These memories are my own, forever blessed as moments marked in time as precious points in my journey. They will forever be held with gratitude, But now it's time to say farewell to you Summer. Thank you for these priceless souvenirs, they will always be kept safe in my mind & heart".
xo, ~ Jenna