How to Create Crystal Grids & Use Energy Generators

What is a Crystal Generator or Crystal Grid?

A powerful conductor of energy, it is said that a crystal generator can put out physical heat or crack weaker surrounding crystals. With this much power, an energy generator can work wonders with healing, amplifying manifestations & raising the vibrations of one's aura or sacred space.

How is one created?

Like a spiritual battery, an energy grid made up of crystals enhancing the properties that the associated crystals vibrate to. For example, a grid or generator made of Rose Quartz, will enhance areas of Love & heal the heart chakra, as it is known as the stone of Universal Love. A crystal Generator or Grid can be made up of many different stones, similar stones or the same stones. As each stone brings it's own energy to the mix, the more you add the more powerful the vibrations & the more variance you add the more intentions & healing properties go to work. Crystal Generators Or Grids can work as a spiritual safety net, guarding your home, sacred space or any other place they are created. The work by starting with a master stone or main generator in the center, working outwards, additional stones can be placed to emit higher frequencies, much like an antenna. Start by adding each additional stone pointing towards each direction (North, East, South, West ) then continue to build from there. Stones being used can be symmetrical & in uniform or tumbled, this is not as important as the energy that each one contributes.  Energy Generators can be placed in the center of a crystal grid,  to enhance higher vibrations. 

How to Use Them? 

Crystal Grids or Energy generators can be used to purify, enhance or protect any place. They can be created in the middle of a room or placed in any area that 'feels right.' Loose stones can be buried around a home or placed in corners of a home or space to create a larger griding field, so that one can 'be inside' the grid. Working with these grids or generator can highly raise your vibrations, through the practice or meditation. In meditation one can open themselves up to a higher consciousness & understanding of the vibrations that the grid or generator is emitting. These energies can work to heal the chakra centers, the aura, mind, body & spirit of an individual. Offering General wholeness & well being. A Grid or generator can be 'cleansed' with the smoke of Sage or other 'cleansing' herbs & resins regularly, to 'recharge' their energies & keep the vibrations high. A sound bath with binaural beats or a singing bowl can also help to 'enhance' a crystals energies. In return, the user will receive a healthy flow of positive energy.