Creating Space for your Ancestors

When was the last time you stopped to consider the aspects of you, that were possibly derived from the ways of your ancestors? Not just the blood and heritage that has been passed down to you, but the physical practices & beliefs they lived in their 'day to day.' The rituals they created in their own 'mundane,' was instilled into their children & their children's children. These subconscious thoughts now reside within you, certain fears, hopes, dreams, beliefs, somewhere within you their memory, their pains, their struggles, their successes, their work ethics & creativity lives within you, whether you are aware of it or not, you carry a piece of their spirit with you every day. Without them, you would not exist. They found ways to thrive in a world, that now many of us would find almost impossible. They often made a life of abundance with less.

So when was the last time you stopped to acknowledge these traits they have passed down to you? Energetically & physically their essence has helped to mold you & make you who you are today. The reason you are intrigued or interested by certain things, even though your parents did not raise you to know these things, is no coincidence. It is all part of a much larger picture, to help you along your soul's journey of growth & expansion. Lesson's learned so that you can continue to evolve. Hurdles to get past to become more talented, stronger & wise.

What you do today & in this lifetime will affect many generations to come. What you do today matters. Don't let this intimidate you, because being yourself & just living your life, is what matters. This is how you contribute to their bigger picture of your own soul's growth & ascension, as well as those who came before you & those who will come after you. It is time to focus on YOU as well. It might seem odd to focus on yourself to help another, but consider that you cannot help another until you help yourself. If you are drowning, how do you save someone next to you who is also drowning? By healing yourself during this lifetime, you heal all the generations before you & after you. The bloodline that carries on, spiritually & physically is better, because you were better. You took initiative to find the awareness to honor where you come from & where you are headed. This is how you make space for your ancestors. A moment of awareness in the present, with attention focused on you, your heartbeat, your breathing, your energy. You are here because of them. They lived in order to allow you to come into existence. The cycle will continue to live on, as long as you allow it to. Connect with them during the Samhain season, not by outsourcing or inviting an entity or spirit into your space, but by going within. Their life force energy lives within you. Summon the spirit of YOU.

Samhain Blessings,

~ Jenna

* Pictured here are some of my ancestors on my Father's side. Taken near Walsenburg, Colorado in the late 1800's, is my Great Grandmother ( Baby), Great Great Grandmother (top right) & Great Great Great Grandmother (Top left) who was a full Ute Indian Woman. The Valdez / Cordova family use to own much of the land near Walsenburg & Trinidad Colorado, and my ancestors are now written about & displayed by photos in the La Veta Museum in Colorado, with the old Valdez family cemetery not to far away.  This history always fascinated me as a child (still now) & I loved visiting all the old foundations, the cemetery & lands to hear the stories & witness the energies.