Attracting The Magickal Fae

We all have a chance to connect with the Earthly Elemental Spirits known as the Fae. They are the keepers of the realm of enchantment & these mythical beings can add such vibrancy to your life if you allow them in.  Although in Ancient Folklore we've heard tales of mischief from these powerful beings who can wreak havoc on one's life, this is not always the case with these Earth Spirits. It is said that Faeries have cousins, known as pixies, whom are the mischievous ones. The Fae exist among all the elements, making home & taking shelter within the forests, near lakes, in the flowers & yes, your gardens. So what better way to give them a warm welcome then offering a nicely constructed Faerie Home for them to hang their hat? After all, If you give you shall receive.
Where do the Faeries come from? They dwell in the realm of magic, a dimension different from ours, in which the Human eye cannot see, however the intuition of a child or a practitioner of meditation can tend to tap into this realm, especially during the Spring, holding a sense of 'something extra & magical ' lurking in the garden, with an overwhelming energy of playfulness & curiosity. Specifically they are said to live in woodland landscapes, with great underground kingdoms, in which once in a while we are blessed to witness a glimpse of, through the beauty of a wild Fairy Ring; a naturally occurring perfect circle of mushrooms or wild flowers, said to be the portal to their dimension.  
Most Fae are timid & although tricksters, it is all in good fun. They are attracted to shiny & colorful objects as well, much like a child. Knowing this, it is best to build a Faerie home tucked away, in an old tree knot, behind a rock, under a bush, etc. They are not interested in being out in the open. Certain foliage & tress attract the Faeries, such as Willows, Yew, Elm, Holly & More. These curious beings love spaces that have a magical essence to them. Playing gentle music near your garden creates a wonderful energy, as well as soft wind chimes. Like many of us, the Fae love treats, so leaving out small bits of food or 'Fairy Cakes,' can draw them in, as well as rippling water in a birdbath, other small shiny objects, like old buttons, or a lost earring. Scents of Rosewood & Peppermint are also said to call them in from beyond this realm, which is a great way to consider consecrating the Faerie House when it is complete. As if you were offering a mini home blessing.
To construct your Faerie Home, it is important to use only natural found items, even more so, specifically found goods from your area, to capture the essence of the energy of where you live, rather than "forcing" an energy. Mindfulness is key to each component of your faerie home. Using Biodegradable materials is much appreciated, so the home, over time, can return to nature. If you are building the home away from the spot you wish to place it, built it upon a natural base, such as a small piece of wood, or old clay pottery dish. Try not to use glues or nails, but instead get creative with mud, clay, twine & sticks. ( Use caution with highly reflective surfaces such a mirrors or gazing balls, as they can start a fire ) 
Over the course of a week or month, start gathering items during your nature walks. Some pebbles, twigs, pieces of bark, moss, seashells, etc. Over time, you will find you have a wealth of supplies to start creating your Faerie home. Whether you create it in one sitting or over time, go into a meditative space, work outside if possible, really listen to the nature sounds around you, become a channel for these woodland creatures. 
When the home is complete, bless it. ( using incense or smudge smoke )
Sit with it in Meditation to invite in the Fae. Tap into their Dimension.
May it be for travelers or a permanent residence, let them know you come with love, peace & magic in your heart. Leave a food trail for them. 
If possible, visit the home often and leave treats or gifts. Soon you will find more magic and surprises making way to not only your garden, but your life as well. Continue this trade with respect & balance. The more you give, the more you receive. 
Faerie Blessings,
~ Jenna