Beltane Ritual Lemonade

Beltane Ritual Lemonade:
~ 3-4 Sun Ripe Lemons
~ 1/4 cup - 1/2 cup Honey ( depending on sweetness desired) 
~ 1 -2 cups of Hand Harvested Dandelions 
( Flowers & Leaves)
* make sure to forage from a clean area that is not sprayed with chemicals or pesticides. Wash in Apple Cider Vinegar,
Rinse with Water.
~ 1 cup smashed Raspberries
~ 64oz. / 1/2 Gallon Mason Jar
~ Unbleached Cheesecloth & Rubber band
To Prepare: In a clean Mason Jar add the Honey, then pour over Hot (Not Boiling) water & stir well with wooden spoon to soften Honey, then add Dandelions, let steep for 2-4 min. 
Then with a lemon squeeze, Slice and squeeze each lemon into the jar. Add a couple slices for decor and additional flavor. Lastly ad the smashed raspberries. Then stir and fill to the top with room temperature water. Stir intentionally, with Beltane gratitude & wishes in mind.
Place a layered piece of cheesecloth over the top & add rubber band to keep it secure. ( This will act as your pouring strainer ) 
Drink right away with added ice Or Place in the refrigerator overnight to let the colors & flavors pop, turning into a fiery pink Lemonade to drink during your Beltane Celebration.
xo ~ Jenna


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