Ask Jenna: Tea Time with the White Witch - Episode 6


  • Sonia

    Hi jenna,
    I live in north wales uk and there are no witches or people that are interested in the craft .
    I feel like I am at a cross roads, I am asking for guidance and I am not getting anything from my angels or guides( they might be sick of me) . I don’t know what I am meant to be doing with my life and I have resorted to just studying and reading and going out in nature. I have without realising become a hermit and distant from everyone because people drain me and my adhd temper starts to creep out. Can you help as I don’t have anyone to ask

  • Karen

    How do you find time to be witchy now your son is abit older? X

  • B

    How do you feel about people charging other people for “witchy” services? Performing magick on their behalf? I’ve heard both that it is/is not acceptable. What is your take on that?

  • Rebecca

    Hi Jenna! I worry my intentions aren’t clear enough and I’m not putting it out to the universe properly. Could you give some examples of what you say in your mind while setting your intentions. Also, I feel like I have a psychic blockage that I’ve created within myself.. probably from self doubt. How can I break free from this? I want to vibrate higher but feel blocked.

  • Kristi

    Another question! What do you know about numerology? I keep seeing 1234, everywhere, for about 2 years now! I’ve looked up the meaning, made changes in my life, but it’s still coming up! I may need to unplug for a bit of a spiritual reset lol!!

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