Ask Jenna: Tea Time with the White Witch - Episode 7


  • Estella

    Dear Jenna, this is Estella and I would like to make some enquiries about the 3rd Eye.

    1: Is it true that all of the 7 Chakras must be “Cleansed, Balanced and Aligned” before the 3rd Eye can be Open ?

    2: Is it true that "Negative Feelings and Emotions such as “Anger, Frustrations, Disappointments, Misery, Sadness, Sorrow, Despair, Unhappiness, Worries, Anxiety, and Fear” would prevent the 3rd Eye from Opening ?

    Please kindly reply to me as soon as possible. I look forward to receiving your reply soon. Thank you.

    Miss Estella Yeo

  • Florymel

    Hello Jenna ❤ I was wondering what magickal practices would you recommend for protection from fall/halloween time until Yule?

  • Dawn Davis

    Hi. I am wondering how I get rid of a hex that has been placed on me. I truly feel this “black cloud” over me and my life. I can actually feel the negative energy and is effecting my entire life. I need to break the spell it but don’t know how.

  • Brooke Robinson

    Any tips for winter blues? I have two little ones and another on the way; we will be spending our second winter in Nebraska. It gets really cold here and I get stir crazy when it is too cold for play dates and feel like I make my space gloomy because of it. Last year I had the mindset I needed to cleanse my space when I felt this way; I would sage away while not having the energy to set positive intentions afterwards. I really want to avoid that this year and work on filling my space with happiness instead of just cleansing it.

  • Leslie

    Is it possible to see your past life in a crystal ball I’ve always wanted to do that.
    I want to talk to my spirit guide but they don’t appear when I ask them so what can I do

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