YULETIDE CANDLE Altar All Natural. Pine, Peppermint, Blood Orange, Wintergreen, Blessed with Sunstone & Bloodstone Crystals.

White Witch Parlour


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This crisp and seasonal blend was created to honor the return of the sun that brings us warmth, cheer & life, which can sometimes be hard to remember though the cold and dark winter months. However, it is important to keep your chin up and a glow in your heart, as we witness time after time, the life that always emerges from death. During this wait for the return of spring and all the growth and new beginnings it brings, I created this candle to help manifest healing and positivity during the darkness of winter.

With the uplifting & energizing properties of cheerful Sunstone and the ancient magickal healing properties of Bloodstone, I have created an all natural body altar candle to fill the atmosphere with pure positivity. Peppermint not only welcomes in abundance, but is known to animate the body and mind into action, while Pine & Wintergreen remove negativity and act as purifier's to the soul. The simple scent of Orange brings in a freshness and renewal, cleaning and clearing the aura into a higher vibrational level, and attributing to the bright energy left on your heart.

This Altar Candle comes in a 4 oz. glass amber apothecary jar with silver pentacle charm and black screw top lid. The all natural essential oil blend is mixed into organic soy wax, with a paper core wick for a 25 - 30 hour burn . The associated crystal chip stones are left in each jar to keep the magickal workings strong.

The warmest winter blessings to you-
In Love & Light,
~ Jenna

RECYCLE! when you are finished using this candle, you can remove the label and remaining wax under warm water and reuse the jar for other crafty projects or storing herbs. :)

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