YULE BATH SALTS Alchemy. Winter Solstice. Scent of Balsam Fir Pine & Cedarwood. Blessed by Sunstone, Garnet & Bloodstone.

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Use this magickal blend during the Winter Solstice. The Yule season is full of magick & wonder, much of it focusing on rebirth and renewal. This is a time of new beginnings with your magical workings and personal manifestations. Yule celebrations take place on the eve of the winter solstice, around December 21. It's a time when amazing thing happens in the sky; The earth's axis tilts away from the sun in the Northern Hemisphere, and the sun reaches at its greatest distance from the equatorial plane. As a festival of the Sun, the most important part of any Yule celebration is the return of light. 

This fresh & enchanting blend of Balsam Fir Pine & Cedarwood made from an elaborate mix of fragrance & essential oils, is blessed with the warm-hearted energies of Garnet, Bloodstone & Sunstone crystals. Balsam Fir works to purify the energy of any space, so that cheer & happiness can rise to the surface. It works off energies of the heart chakra to calm emotions & allow love in, abundantly. Though the dark & cold of the winter months can bring our spirits down, Cedarwood activates the soul with illumination & spiritual well-being. It acts as a powerful tool for enlightenment & keeping our flame glowing bright during this darkness. Garnet & Bloodstone crystals team together to heal the Heart & Root Chakras, keeping one grounded & connected to the flow of mother earth, to better accept the journey for what it is. Sunstone is a bright & sunny crystal to help keep us in balance with the warmth & light of the sun & all the life that it gives. Sunstone enchants us with laughter & excitement, reminding us that any thing is possible!

Almost One full pound of Crystal Blessed, Ritual alchemy Bath Salts comes in a glass jar with gold metal screw-on lid (15oz.) . The all natural essential oil & fragrance oil salt blend is ready to use in any hot bath for pre- meditation or ritual work to help set the mood & enchant your spirit. Crystal chip stones of Sunstone, Garnet & Bloodstone are blended into each jar to keep the magickal workings strong. Just add about 2-3 oz. per bath & soak for 20 min. as the ritual bath salts dissolve & leave you fragrant & feeling magickal in so many ways. (Allows approx. 4 - 6 baths)

Yuletide Blessings,
~ Jenna

Free of Harsh Chemicals & Animal Testing. Created for use on body. Not meant for consumption. Keep away from small children & pets. RECYCLE : Use this fun glass jar after to store herbs, craft supplies, burn candles in, etc. Be creative ! 
All Sales Final * Not Meant for consumption.

*All sales are final.

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