WITCH CRAFT 4oz. Alchemy SMUDGE SPRAY. All Natural. Clove, Lavender, Birch Tar & Anise. Blessed by Smoky Quartz, Garnet & Amethyst. For Protection & Spiritual Advancement.

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The Craft of a Witch is something that is never complete. It is a journey for self discovery, personal enlightenment, wisdom, insight and of course, practice. Those who feel it in their heart to embark on this journey, may be compelled to work with others or work alone. No matter the sex of the person or if they choose their practice to be a secret, they are contributing to a beautiful society where people are experiencing their own personal power. The craft of a Witch is sacred and magickal, whether they are using their power to heal themselves or others, the goal is to grow into a better you and never stop learning. As for the light or dark aspect of it, that is up to the heart of the Witch to determine. A good way to keep your own spell casting in check is to simply remember that whatever you put out into the universe, comes back to you and often by the law of threefold.  

This witchy blend has a mysterious and alluring smokey scent to it, much like how you would expect a woodsy witch to smell after a long day of potion stirring, incense burning, and herb gathering. With hints of sweet spice from the protective and loving energy of Clove & Lavender, I have taken this scent to a deeper level with the borrowed scents of Star Anise & Birch Tar, which together offer great spiritual advancement and power to all your manifestations and spell craft. This is the perfect blend for any Witch, no matter what phase of the journey you are on, this unisex scent will evoke the strong power within you & keep you protected from outside negative energies at the same time.

With Smoky Quartz filtering low vibrational energies and Amethyst taking you to a new spiritual level, you will find your spiritual insight to become stronger and clearer, kick-starting a whole new phase to your witchy wisdom. Together, these two stones serve as a strong shield to psychic attacks, depression and spiritual blockages. Red Garnet stimulates the root chakra, triggering the passion & excitement that a Witch should have in order to increase courage and willpower, making your personal spell power amplified. This alchemy blend is sure to launch you into a realm of enchantment, where you can truly see that all things are a possibility.

This all natural Alchemy Smudge Spray comes in a beautiful 4 oz. Glass Amber Apothecary Bottle, ready to spritz & use as a magickal body mist, ritual linens spray, sacred space smokeless smudge, room freshener, or even a makeup brush cleaner. Each large amber bottle comes with decorative matching bow & silver Pentacle charm. Crystal chip stones of Smoky Quartz, Amethyst & Garnet are left in each bottle to keep the magickal workings strong. Just shake & spray, wherever you desire to welcome enchanted & mystical energy!

A beautiful, hand-crafted blend of all natural essential oils, blessed with the energies of the associated crystals in an all natural Sweet Almond Oil & Witch Hazel Carrier, mixed with Himalayan Salt for purification. Free of Harsh Chemicals & Animal Testing. Not meant for consumption. Keep away from small children & pets. 

* Do not spray while bottle is upside down, as you will flood the pump system, resulting in a faulty sprayer.

A Witch's work is never done,
Blessed Be,

~ Jenna

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All Natural & Vegan Friendly.

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