SHADOWS All Natural Alchemy Oil SAMPLE 1ml. Wintergreen, Clove, Tea Tree & Birch Tar. Blessed with Black Moonstone & Clear Quartz.

SHADOWS All Natural Alchemy Oil SAMPLE 1ml. Wintergreen, Clove, Tea Tree & Birch Tar. Blessed with Black Moonstone & Clear Quartz.

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Many grow to fear the shadows that can lurk in the night, shadows that may haunt us from our own past or terrifying experiences from lives before that our soul still holds on to. But, shadows are nothing to fear, these are all manifestations from our own thoughts & emotions, so if we fear the shadows, we in a sense, fear ourselves. Living in a life of fear is absolutely no way to live, this is an ugly emotion that pushes all our dreams aside & holds us in a corner, leaving us in a state of sorrow & depression. This is something personal & deep we need to choose to escape on our own, make peace & move on. This is not a blend to cure the darkness & make it forever vanish, but instead a powerful blend to help your soul make peace with the shadows & find that balance between light & dark. There is much strength in the mystery of magick, as our imaginations can take us on a wild ride, but if we are operating the roller-coaster from a sinister or fearful place, it is not going to end well. Whether it's the blood in your veins holding onto dark ancestral memories or a traumatic recollection from a past life, it is time to grow from the experience & say 'Thank You for the Lesson."

Dark & mysterious, this blend takes the mind back to a memory of a lush, cold forest, the smell of campfire near by & a haunting silence. In this, we find great comfort & protection as we can allow the mind to drift deeper into the thick woods of the subconscious to locate the specific memory that we are here to make peace with. In spirit form, one can walk this forest limitless, until reaching the specific time & place this scar occurred. Shadow work is not by any means easy, but it is quite necessary to grow & prosper. Clove is a great magickal protector, it increases clarity to the subconscious mind & psychic intuition. It wards away any dark lurking energies & creates a purification to spiritual vibrations. Tea Tree issues a wealth of harmony & strength to help your spirit get through any pain the experience may cause to re-visit, while Wintergreen works to heal the emotional pain, lift any curse, break any hex & drive away old beliefs of bad luck. Lastly, Birch Tar acts as a cleansing detox to the soul, allowing you to bid farewell to the disharmony you once carried. Blessed with the energies of Black Moonstone & Clear Quartz, this blend can take you to the dark side to help you better appreciate the light.

This wonderful alchemy oil comes in a 1ml. glass sample vial with applicator wand. The all natural essential oil blend is diluted with natural Sweet Almond Oil, and is ready to wear as a body oil. Sample sizes do not include crystal inside and are just meant for scent testing.

May you make peace with your shadow self *
In Love & Light,
~ Jenna

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