RED RITUAL SAND. 4oz. For Incense Burners & Altar Decor.

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Colored Ritual sand is perfect for Smudge Pots, Charcoal Burners, Incense Burners & Cauldrons. Use it to add color to the appropriate season, or to hold your sacred jewelry, & fresh picked herbs by adding it to your offering bowl. Let it double as an incense stick, incense cone or charcoal burner base. Sand helps to keep your cauldron from getting hot, as it absorbs the heat that lit charcoals produce. Decorate your bowls with colored ritual sands to hold your spell & ceremony candles, collected shells, smudge wands, or your crystals... the list just goes on!

The ritual sand comes in a 4oz. ziploc bag, so it may be reused over & over again.

Blessings on your magickal journey,

~ Jenna

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