PROTECTION Elixir 4oz. SMUDGE SPRAY. Scent of Cinnamon & Spice. Blessed by Smoky Quartz & Obsidian.

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My Protection elixir is a spicy blend of Cinnamon to welcome a mental shield from outside negative energies and any other harm that may be weakening your spiritual aura and energy. For centuries, cinnamon has been used in all kinds of spiritually protective rituals, magic spells and potions amongst several cultures, as it is known for stimulating the crown chakra, inspiring spiritual insight, psychic powers, healing and of course protection. Cinnamon oil was commonly used in the mummification process by the Egyptians and was applied as a holy anointing oil in ancient Hebrew rituals. When it is burned as incense or added to foods, cinnamon raises spiritual energy to a higher level, thus pushing away negative or lower vibrational forces. With the added powerful protective energies of Black Obsidian and Smokey Quartz this elixir clears an abundance of blockages and emotions that may have been absorbed by others, while releasing electromagnetic smog that may be clouding the body and mind so that you may find clear insight and balance within.

However you choose to use this smudge spray, you will allow yourself to detox from any stress, anxiety, depression or nightmares, as these are all lower vibrational frequencies, that hinder your spiritual growth and can increase the possibility of a psychic attack. I encourage you to surround yourself with a white light of protection on a daily basis and use this powerful tool to help you along the way. Himalayan Rock salt has been infused into this blend, as salt is one of the most purest substances on Earth,  helping to purify the energy & release stagnant old energies.

My prayer for use:

" I trust in the protection of my spirit, body and mind as I now hold a shield unlike any other kind. My aura is strong with white light defined from my divine energy and spirit combined."

This Alchemy Smudge Spray comes in a beautiful 4 oz. Glass Amber Apothecary Bottle, ready to spritz & use as a magickal body mist, ritual linens spray, sacred space smokeless smudge or room freshener. Each large amber bottle comes with decorative matching bow & brass pentacle charm (Symbolizing the encompassed elements working in unity & offering protection, earth, air, fire, water & spirit.) Crystal chip stones of Smoky Quartz & Obsidian are left in each bottle to keep the magickal workings strong. Just shake & spray, wherever you desire to welcome clear energy & purification!

A beautiful, hand-crafted blend of both all natural essential oils & high grade fragrance oils, blessed with the energies of the associated crystals in an all natural Sweet Almond Oil, Himalayan Rock Salt & Witch Hazel Carrier. Free of Harsh Chemicals & Animal Testing. Not meant for consumption. Keep away from small children & pets.

Wishing you an abundance of protection, 

~ Jenna

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