OLIVE LEAVES Dried Herb (SMALL) Olea Europaea. For Calming, Balance, Peace & Raising Vibrations.

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This purchase is for all natural loose Olive Leaves dried Herb for magic and herbal practices.

Botanical Name: Olea Europaea
Available in .25 oz (3x3) Decorative Ziploc (Small)

Magickal uses:  Calming Energies, Meditation, Balance, Peace, Zen, Raising Vibrations, Wisdom, Generosity, Releasing Negativity, Lowering Blood Pressure

Create an herbal tea blend or herbal capsule pills, out of crushed Olive Leaves. Drinking this daily or taking herbal pills can help lower blood pressure, creating a balance in your moods, ultimately helping to find inner peace & happiness/

PLANETS: Jupiter
CHAKRAS : Heart & Crown
Magickal Blessings,
~ Jenna
There are several uses for this dried herb:
* If put in a mesh / sheer sachet it can be used in bathwater for hydrotherapy
or hung in the shower, to allow the steam to diffuse the properties.
* A Sachet can be placed in closets, dresser drawers, suitcases, etc, for Natural fragrance & freshness.
* Make a Tincture with an alcohol base.
*Add to an aroma lamp or potpourri warmer ( candle or electric ) with some water or natural oil. Example: Jojoba Oil
* Use it for Magick / Spells / Ritual in any way :)
* Sprinkle the dried herbs onto a candle
* Using a Hot Charcoal Disk, you can burn the dried herbs
* Make & put a sachet under your pillow or by your bed. Old magick and folklore used many dried herbs hung over a bed to help cure illnesses, promote fertility, get rid of nightmares, etc. Research the magickal properties of different herbs to see which one suits your needs best.

~ Jenna

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