MOON DANCER Botanical Alchemy Body Mist. 1oz. Potion. For Goddess Energy & Moon Rituals.

White Witch Parlour


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When you find time under the moon, you begin to find this sacred connection & peace within. No matter what phase it is in, the moon helps to heal us & balance our energies. She teaches us to honor both our light & darkness, dancing between emotions effortlessly, understanding & embracing them all. For these emotions are what help to guide us through our sacred journey. If we tune in to nature & the whispers of our soul, we can become better people & attract better experiences. We learn to love, no matter what light or darkness presents itself. We learn to embrace our peace & uniqueness, sharing it, like the phases of the Moon shares her moments of light & darkness with Nature. This energy is what inspired this beautiful & soft blend. 

Sage, Lavender & Jasmine work together with the powers of Red Garnet to soften one's energies & clear out any negativities to the aura, while grounding excess energy, ushering in a well balanced body, mind & spirit. White Sage works to purify the spirit, Lavender creates a peaceful & harmonious energy, Jasmine opens the heart to universal loving vibes & Garnet awakens the deep feminine energy, aiding soul healing & a connection to Mother Moon & Mother Nature. 

This Botanical Alchemy Spray comes in a beautiful 1 oz. Glass round bottle filled with an essential oil & fragrance blend, Natural herbs of Lavender & Garnet Crystal, diluted with natural Witch Hazel & distilled aqua, making it ready to spritz on the body, ritual linens, or sacred space areas as an anointing tool for your enchanted workings. Each glass bottle comes with decorative spray top & sheer organza bag. Gently shake & spray, wherever you desire to welcome the energies! Free of Animal Testing. Not meant for consumption. Keep away from small children & pets.

Sacred Moon Blessings,

~ Jenna

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