LITHA WAX MELTS. Summer Solstice. Scent of Wisteria, Lemon, Chamomile, Carnation & Orange. Blessed by Citrine & Aquamarine Crystals.

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The Summer Solstice marks the beginning of Summer on a day usually between June 19th - 25th in the Northern Hemisphere. Also known as Litha or Midsummer, the longest day of the year allows us to fully celebrate the gift of Light. Now that Summer is among us, we must enjoy all the illumination, life & growth, that the Sun provides for us. In witnessing the longest day of the year, we also experience the shortest night of the year & with this we can embrace the light that outweighs the darkness. Pagan cultures often view this as a time to celebrate the full pregnancy of the Goddess & the virility of the Sun God, as He has now reached his peak strength. As the Sun appears to stand still in the sky, we can look to find the balance between Sky & Earth, Fire & Water. By holding a bonfire ritual near a body of water, we invoke an energy that dwells within us, bringing passion & fury, calmness & motion, God & Goddess. Although some can view this time as a battle between light & dark, one can use this time to find the balance within themselves. We can enjoy this new season to get back out in nature, enjoy our communities, friends, family & hobbies, as Summer truly brings a magick all on it's own.
Light, cool & majestic like a warm summer breeze by the ocean, this mermaid friendly blend can instantly lift your spirits & calm your emotions. Reminiscent of the ocean waves under a warm Sun, the complex blend of Wisteria, Lemon, Chamomile, Carnation & Orange work together to enlighten your heart & fill your mind with excitement. Half of this blend bring a warm glow to the spirit, energizing the soul & pushing one to get out and see the world, while the other half can teach one's energy to go with the flow, move with grace & remain calm; A perfect balance. Blessed by the soothing energies of Aquamarine, which promote deep, hidden spiritual powers in a meditative vibration & Citrine crystal, which brings prosperity, happiness, courage & creativity. Combined all together, this ocean gypsy blend can empower something new within you during a beautiful season of Light.

These wax melts are a great way to shift the energy in a room for everyday use or for use pre- spell work. It comes with 3oz. of crystal charged, artisan blended fragrance & essential oils with hand-ground Crystal powder mixed into organic palm wax, ready for any wax warmer or oil burner. Each package contains 6 cubes that you can pop out when ready for use. Each cube gives off approx. 3.5 hours of aromatherapy fragrance for a total average of 22 hours per package.

Litha Blessings,
~ Jenna

*All sales are final.
Store in cool dry place, keep from heat or direct sunlight.
Although this item may smell & look tasty, it is NOT MEANT FOR CONSUMPTION*

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