IMMORTAL SKULL POTION. All Natural SAMPLE 1ml. Scent of Patchouli, Clove & Cinnamon. Blessed by Tiger's Eye, Moonstone & Amethyst Crystals.

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We are all Immortal souls. Energy that continues to evolve & transform even after this lifetime. Bringing new energy & life into new physical realities, gaining more knowledge & learning from more lessons each time. The skull has always held a sacred energy to it, becoming worshipped & acknowledged as the house of our thoughts, beliefs, memories & wisdom. The skull can be viewed as a symbol of life & death, reminding us that our time here in the physical is not forever & that we must take in & enjoy all that we can before we drift back into the spirit realm. With this, centuries of people hold countless stories of 'the dead,' coming back to say hello & offer protection & guidance to us still here in the physical realm.  This belief that spirits of our loved one's return is so strong, that it often is celebrated among many cultures & religions. Not just during the thinning veil, but all year around, when we seek comfort or in a moment of sorrow over the loss of a loved one, we ritualistically sit alone & hold conversations with them, paying respects at their grave or by an old photo. We do this because we intuitively know that they are indeed present and listening, everywhere at all times. In this moment we understand that we are able to channel their specific energy, if only for a moment to once again feel that vibration that they once offered us. This is the power of Immortality, although it may not be seen the same way in the physical, it never dies, as it carries on through the power of memory & thought, feelings & vibrations & most of all, through an energy of love. Death is never the end, just a transition. The skull is a powerful symbol of that transition we must all make at some point. 
All natural & carrying the autumn scents of Patchouli, Clove & Cinnamon, this mystical blend works to offer protection, abundance & manifestation. Helping in meditation to better connect with the spirit world, the vibrations of Tiger's Eye, Moonstone & Amethyst Crystals work to calm emotions, offer strength, courage & clarity to the Mind's Eye. Allowing for clear messages from the other side to come through, so that we may pay our respects by reconnecting with that missed energy; making this a powerful blend to use during Samhain (Halloween) or The Day of the Dead ( Dia Del Los Muertos.)

This wonderful alchemy oil comes in a 1ml. glass sample vial with applicator wand. The all natural essential oil blend is diluted with natural Sweet Almond Oil, and is ready to wear as a body oil. Sample sizes do not include crystal inside and are just meant for scent testing.

May your spirit never die,
~ Jenna

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Free of harsh chemicals & animal testing.

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