DIVINITY Elixir SAMPLE 1ml Body Oil. All Natural Frankincense & Cacao. Blessed with Emerald

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A magickal alchemy oil perfume for those looking to increase their connection with the divine. Cacao, Frankincense & Emerald stone work to purify all energies of the body & mind, bringing forth strong psychic awareness, activating the heart chakra & balancing emotions.

For centuries Cacao Beans, Frankincense Resins & Emerald crystals have been held in high regards, as a symbol of holy hierarchy, wealth, luxury & offerings to the heavens. To bless one's one life with any of these three earthly magickal ingredients, is to allow one's self to fully awaken to their highest potential & life calling. Let the warm & chocolaty aroma activate the energies for a spiritually healthy mind, body & spirit.

This Essential oil & fragrance oil blend is diluted with all natural Sweet Almond Oil, & comes in a glass 1ml. glass SAMPLE vial with applicator wand. Samples do not contain gemstones and are meant for scent testing only. It is ready to use or gift to a loved one. By using this enchanted blend you can further soul searching through connecting to your higher self, as to better understand your divine purpose here on earth. Always keep moving forth in great strides and never be held back by anything that does not better serve you & your divine light.

In Love & Light,
~ Jenna

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