ANSUZ Smokeless Incense Vial. All Natural. For Deeper Insight, Communication & Inspiration.

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The Ansuz Rune is a symbol of deeper insights, spiritual growth, communication & Inspiration for one's journey. The word ' Ansuz' literally means the word 'God,' and is highly ties to the energies of the Gods & Goddesses. It is a symbol of the Divine breathe of life, bringing prosperity to those who seek it. It brings stability to one's life & connects one to the power of Creation. In dreams, it is a symbol of teaching, awakening our consciousness & bringing forth the understanding of the power to control our own lives.
A complex blend of Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Amber, Cedar Leaf, Honeysuckle, Bayberry, Sandalwood, Clove Leaf, Orange & Oakmoss works to enchant all aspects of your life & tie your energy to that of the 'Ansuz' ! 
In each magickal glass apothecary vial with cork is 1.50 oz of powder smokeless incense! An all natural blend of Herbs, Resins, Essential Oils & Sea Salt. There are several ways to use this all smokeless powder incense, it can be diffused in a potpourri warmer, tossed into a bubbling cauldron or added to a hot bath, any way you choose to use it the magickal aroma will diffuse the scent and properties quite nicely.  A little goes a long way!
Here's to your new found Insights,
~ Jenna

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* Store in cool, dry place, keep out of direct sunlight- seal tightly.*
Not meant for consumption. 

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