ANCIENT ROOTS. All Natural Alchemy Oil SAMPLE. Pine, Cedarwood, Amber, Patchouli with Green Aventurine & Red Jasper

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Whether pains from this life or past, it is crucial to heal any wounds that have been left open so that you may continue to grow your spiritual tree of wisdom in a strong and healthy manner. Emotional wounds from the past can lurk up from time to time & as we continue to suppress them, we only further create grief as we move along our sacred path. The key is to reconnect to our ancient roots, make peace with them and heal from them, releasing any baggage they they come with, which may be holding you back from shinning your brightest. By letting these old scars, we can finally heal & make room for stronger roots to grow in our life, creating a sturdier & healthier journey always reaching toward light & prosperity.

This very healing & earthy blend made up of Cedarwood, Pine, Amber Resin & Patchouli, create a strong potion for deep soul healing and purification. Helping to reconnect you to mother earth, through not only the precious aromatic properties of the scent, but the magick energies of Green Aventurine & Red Jasper as well, this blend can help welcome energies of centering, grounding & focus towards the truths that are deep within you, as you plant your self back to your true roots. If your a fan of Amber & all that it can offer us, like I am, you are sure to bond with this special oil.

This wonderful alchemy oil comes in a 1ml. glass sample vial with applicator wand. The all natural essential oil blend is mixed with natural Sweet Almond Oil, and is ready to wear as a body oil. Sample sizes do not include crystal inside and are just meant for scent testing.

May you re-connect to your ancient roots!
~ Jenna

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Not Meant for consumption.
Keep out of heat and direct sunlight.