AMOR Powder Incense. All Natural Blessed with Rose Quartz Crystal.

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'Amor : Latin: love, loving; fondness
1. In Roman mythology, the god of love, son of Venus.
2. Another name for Cupid.
3. In Greek Mythology, Eros, the god of love, son of Aphrodite.

'AMOR' is a sharp spicey floral scent, made from my artisan blend of red roses, Jasmine flowers, Star Anise, Clove bud and Palo Santo resin, blessed by Rose Quartz for help in love matters, self appreciation, friendship, relationship protection, passion & affection. Love is the most powerful gift we can give anything & this is my gift to you. Working with only the purest energies of love and light, I hope that this blend brings you an abundance of peace and self love, because with these two things you can conquer pretty much anything!

While love is an important energy to experience, self- acceptance is where it truly all begins. Without self love you cannot give love, and if you cannot give love, you cannot recieve it. We tend to attract the love we feel we deserve, so it is important to start at the inner core of this love and before you you go out to seek it, look inside.

In each magickal glass apothecary bottle is 1.25oz of powder & a chip stone of Rose Quartz, to help keep the love energy and vibrations strong!

There are several ways to use this all natural powder incense, traditionally it can be burned over hot charcoals, letting the smoke help to create a sacred space, offering or divination tool. Your can run a stone like Rose Quartz through the smoke to clear it and consecrate it with loving and trustful energy. The powder can be tossed into an open flame during a ritual or spell casting. You can dress a candle in the powder for calming energy, during whatever work you may be doing. A potpourri warmer with some of the powder and water, diffuse the scent and properties quite nice. Lastly, you can create a mixture using the Amor powder to custom make your own all natural cone incense. A little goes a long way!

Here's to an abundance of Love and beautiful friendships!
~ Jenna

 * Store in cool, dry place, keep out of direct sunlight- seal tightly.*
Not meant for consumption

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