SOL RITUAL OIL. 1ml SAMPLE.  For Illumination, Happiness & New Growth.

SOL RITUAL OIL. 1ml SAMPLE. For Illumination, Happiness & New Growth.

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A spicy, warm & illuminating blend of Nag Champa, Sandalwood & Musk, blessed by the cheerful & energizing energies of Citrine & Carnelian crystals, this enchanted ritual blend works to revitalize the spirit & bring warmth to the soul. I created this blend to honor the Sun, A symbol of divine light & spiritual illumination. It inspires one to recharge the aura, find positivity in the magick of light, understand the enchantment of a rising & setting Sun, & the powerful magick that is held within each phase. Try meditating with this special blend & see what magick it invokes within & amplifies!   

Citrine is an encouraging stone of wealth, success & true prosperity. It can help to bring joy & energy to the user, thus attracting abundance & peace into one's life. It will increase motivation & happiness as it filters out sorrow & anger, bringing balance to all physical & emotional levels. Powerful as a manifestation & healing stone, Citrine can help ease fear & open you up to acceptance in all things, from gratitude & love to material objects. It will help you to allow good things to come your way, including an increase of financial opportunities & adventure. A very beneficial stone, Citrine can also activate higher levels of consciousness helping your manifestation power. Carnelian shines with a joyous & cheerful energy. It manifests positive energy all around & works with nurturing the Sacral Chakra, thus healing 'the womb' of our soul & aiding in abundant fertility on all paths of one's life. Tied to the Sun's energy, it creates warmth, life & Illumination. It also serves as a reminder of the hot glowing light of our daily sunset & the changing of the season's, which allows for change in the cycle of life. All things come to an end, & with death always comes new life, making Carnelian a special stone to carry during a time of change. It enhances Clarity during troubled situations & the energy to one's get through them with a smile upon the face. It protects against jealousy, rage & anger, while breathing in a new energy of motivation & courage. It emits great Life Force energy & awakens one to their highest good, teaching them leadership skills & confidence along the way.

My prayer for use:

" I soak in the Sun's energies. I welcome in the magick of light & embrace new growth, life & prosperity." 

This Essential oil & fragrance oil blend is diluted with all natural Sweet Almond Oil, & comes in a glass 1ml. glass SAMPLE vial with applicator wand. Samples do not contain gemstones and are meant for scent testing only. It is ready to use or gift to a loved one.

Awaken your soul to the illuminating light of the Sun,
~ Jenna


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Not Meant for consumption.
Keep out of heat and direct sunlight.

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