Ask Jenna: Tea Time with the White Witch - Episode 7


  • Maria Renee

    Hi Jenna! So happy about this Q&A and also happy to see you doing this! Wish that you had a blast on this past Samhain with your love ones.
    I do have a question for you I’m fairly new to the path and I do syill commit huge mistakes on my side.I dont wish to learn the hard way any more, if you coulp please share some tips on ehat to whatch out for and on ehat you can be more relaxed about I would highly appreciate!. How would you deal with you being on the path and your kid asking why you practice witchcraft….I’m on that situation I just dont know how to explain it to him and how to manage the curve balls telling him that momma is a bad person because she is a witch.

  • David Gonzales

    Hi Jenna! My wife and I love your videos and they’re so inspiring for us
    My path started at childhood at least now I see it that way.. everything was right there in front of me and always felt a bit odd from my friends in school. In middle school my introduction to Wicca began.. aside from family folk practices that my family practiced they really didn’t call it magick it was more of a petition to the divine.
    Fast forward I’m 27 now and the Mrs and I want to start a channel of our own or even a small store where we can provide spiritual knowledge to other seekers. Is there any advice that you could offer?
    Thank you so much for your time
    Blessed be :)

  • Ivy

    I am a new witch been practicing for a little while. My question is how to practice with out been obvious since my family doesn’t approve. By the way your videos are very inspiring to me ❤️ they help me when I feel down.

  • Rachel

    My daughter is 11 and wondering if she’s old enough to start learning the craft in more detail and is there a right of passage for a young witch?

  • Bri

    Im what i would say a baby witch because i am still learning about spells. What do you recommend for newbies when it comes to performance a proper ritual and spell for it to be effective? What are signs that something will manifest or if an intention was accepted.

    Could you do more videos on how to do different forms of divination? I think it is pretty awesome that you have a scrying video (i have been watching and rewatching your videos because they are super helpful!)

    Last question… what could sudden tingling on your head mean? It happened when i was fixing my oracle cards in order. Does spirit also tend to touch you? I have felt someone or something try to touch me on my arm a few days in a row especially at night. I have suffered from insomnia and the house i am in has had spirit activity but it is also the house someone had passed away in.

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