Ask Jenna: Tea Time with the White Witch - Episode 7


  • Omallia

    Do you have to worship gods/goddess’s to be wiccan?

  • Marissa Sanchez

    Hi Jenna!
    Thank you so much for doing this Q&A!! :) you’re so thoughtful for thinking about your fans. I have been on my spiritual path for about 3 years now, and when it was just beginning I stumbled onto your YouTube videos. They really helped me alot (still do lol) and I am forever grateful.♡ thank you.
    Some questions I’d like to ask are:
    What are some of the types of magic and activities you enjoy diving into during this time of year?
    What are some magical self care tips/routines/rituals you like to do? Having to do with beauty and feeling good about yourself.
    & lastly,
    Have you ever tried to contact someone who had recently passed away?
    Thank you very much Jenna,
    •⊱✿⊰⊱✿⊰• Blessings •⊱✿⊰⊱✿⊰•

  • alma

    Hi Jenna <3 love your channel.
    my question is about lost, I lost a lot of things I am young and I lost things that left me weak and broken. I am due to some problem (part of it) is so inscured since it affected the way I look . I wanna cope and heal and live a better life, I am embarrassed to meet or know or love anyone I want to overcome all of this and be a better version of myself. How exactly can I heal and be stronger?

  • Alex

    Have you tried Ceremonial Magic like the Lower Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram or the Middle Pillar etc?

  • Maria Renee

    Hi Jenna! So happy about this Q&A and also happy to see you doing this! Wish that you had a blast on this past Samhain with your love ones.
    I do have a question for you I’m fairly new to the path and I do syill commit huge mistakes on my side.I dont wish to learn the hard way any more, if you coulp please share some tips on ehat to whatch out for and on ehat you can be more relaxed about I would highly appreciate!. How would you deal with you being on the path and your kid asking why you practice witchcraft….I’m on that situation I just dont know how to explain it to him and how to manage the curve balls of ppl telling him that momma is a bad person because she is a witch.

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